This is a blog dedicated to showcasing weirdos, creeps, mean people and other deviants/commoners from OkCupid.

Anonymous asked: I once got something like "I want to spank your ass red, then kiss and lick it" as an opening line. My profile pic (the only one) was literally just my head - nothing below my jaw. Overactive, disgusting imaginations, the lot of them

Yeah, it doesn’t seem that many need an excuse to be gross, only the outlet. I’m sure if I had  photo of a cat in a bra I would get sexually creepy messages.

Yesterday I made an OKC profile, not because I’m looking for love but because I’m learning Welsh and would like to meet some Welsh-speakers who don’t mind letting me practice and giving me advice. My profile is all in Welsh. I have listed myself as searching for everyone, everywhere, any age, for new friends. I deliberately chose a profile picture in which my face is partially obscured by a lens flare.

Already, I’ve had 3 messages from men in my town saying ‘Hi, how are you?’ or words to that effect. >_< What ARE their criteria?!

Sit on your own face.

Sit on your own face.

I’ve never had a girl act like this. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked her how she is but I was trying to be polite after telling her I we didn’t look to match.

And then he asked for my number. STAHP